Plurinational Bayesian Congress

To highlight the power of Bayesian techniques in Latin American academia, industry, government, and social organizations, a diverse group of specialists will convene at the first Plurinational Bayesian Congress in Santiago del Estero, Argentina on August 4th and 5th, 2023.
The Congress is an opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics, from practical, theoretical, and even philosophical. Among the topics to be discussed are all related to the Bayesian approach to statistics (not limited to):
  • • probabilistic modeling
  • • causal inference
  • • data science
  • • decision making
  • • probability theory
  • • statistics pedagogy
  • • epistemology and methodology
  • • probabilistic programming
  • • Bayesian workflow
  • • artificial intelligence
To create a conducive environment for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences on all aspects of Bayesian methods, we invite you to participate by offering a talk, bringing a poster (or laptop) to chat, or organizing a tutorial (more info here), a short course on introductory or novel aspects of our discipline aimed at attendees (register here). In addition, there will be a small competition in the hackathon-style.
In addition, before and after the Congress, virtual events such as talks, seminars, and courses will be organized and made available for free (proposals can be sent to Our goal is to provide accessible and engaging opportunities for everyone.
Join the growing Bayesian community in Latin America!
The Bayesian approach is a practical method for life: individually, socially, and ecologically.