Plurinational Bayesian Congress

August 4 and 5, 2023 - Santiago del Estero, Argentina
    What is the cost of registration?

    The CBP is free. Nevertheless, we ask that you register to have an estimate of the number of attendees to the event.

    Will scholarships be awarded?

    Yes, the exact number of scholarships will depend on the number of sponsors and the economic situation of the country.

    Who is the event for?

    Undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, teachers, and anyone who uses, develops or implements Bayesian methods, or who are simply interested and want to learn more.
    Not familiar with these methods or not sure how to use them to do science? You can also attend as we will have tutorials aimed at meeting these needs.

    To participate do I have to present a poster, talk or tutorial?

    That's not really necessary. Anyway, we believe that posters are a very good way of interacting in this type of event, so we invite you to present a poster explaining what you work on. Even if you don't use Bayesian methods yet, but are interested in applying them to your work, a poster is an excellent way to discuss those possible applications.

    In what language should I prepare and present a poster, talk or tutorial?

    It can be in Spanish, English or Portuguese.

    What dimensions should the posters have?

    Maximum dimensions: 90 cm wide x 100 cm high.

    Do I have to bring a notebook to do the tutorials?

    Yes, we recommend that you attend with your own laptop.

    Do I have to have a particular package installed?

    Yes, we will be informing the list of necessary packages once we have confirmed all the tutorials.

    Your question is not on the list?

    Please write to us