Competition "Bets of life"


  • Beginning of registrations: June 21st (Andean New Year)
  • End of registrations and beginning of submissions: August 1st (Pachamama Day)
  • End of submissions: October 12th (Cultural Diversity Day)
  • Prize: November 4th (Unity of the Latin American Peoples Day)


The game is an inference problem with bets and exchange of resources. Registration and submission will be through the telegram bot In addition, it is recommended to join the Telegram Hackathon channel to interact with contest participants


Each person starts with one unit of resources. A prize, equivalent to 150,000 Argentine pesos, will be distributed according to the proportion of resources that each person has over the total at the end of the betting process.

Inference, intervention, bets and reciprocity.

The problem is a four-gate Monty Hall, in which the gift position is generated with a bias that has a cycle of 365 time steps. Upon registration, each person will receive an array of length 2190 representing the gift position in consecutive time steps. The goal is to maximize the growth rate of their own resources; estimating the bias with which the gift is hidden over time; determining, at each time step, which box is convenient to initially choose to receive the hint; betting on the position of the gift in the next 1095 time steps; and exchanging resources with other participants in the competition.

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