Intersubjective agreements in contexts of uncertainty

August 4 and 5, 2023 - Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Welcome to the first Plurinational Bayesian Congress!
‣ Our aim is to bring together specialists and apprentices who explore the potential of the Bayesian approach in academia, in industry, in the state and in social organizations.
‣ The Congress is an opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics, from data analysis to decision making, with something interesting for everyone.
‣ The topics to be discussed include everything related to the Bayesian approach to probability:
  • • Probabilistic modeling
  • • Probabilistic programming
  • • Model Comparison
  • • Bayesian Workflow
  • • Artificial intelligence
  • • Data science
  • • Causal inference
  • • Decision making
  • • Information theory
  • • Epistemology and methodology
  • • Probability Pedagogy
  • • Applied Statistics
Join the growing Bayesian community in Latin America!

Important dates

To submit proposals, complete this form please.
‣ Deadline for submission (talks, and poster/laptop sessions): March 31, 2023 ‣ Notification acceptance of proposals: May 15, 2023
Download the first and second circular.

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